What's New!

Version 3.2.0 has included the following:

Release Notes

A "point release" (a change to the number at the first decimal place) indicates that a change to the database or config file is also required.

Since there is no formal notification process for changes, users are encouraged to periodically view this page.

9 May 13
Project files upgraded to Visual Studio 2010
Added tweaks for better support with Windows 8 and Office 2013 (snoop.vb)
Fixed some Globalization issues (snoop.vb, registry.vb)
13 May 10
Minor tweak to the Video routine to accept a null VideoRAM (snoop.vb)
5 Jul 09
Minor tweak for Windows 7 wallpaper registry settings (Wallpaper.vb)
Added a new Service_AcctName field to Services table (many files)
Small tweak for Norton AntiVirus on Windows 7 Beta (snoop.vb)
SUS_Server detection now supports wild cards (snoop.vb)
Tweak for System Center Configuration Manager network device names (snoop.vb)
Added a new Device_PnPDeviceID field to the Devices table (many files)
See Database Changes for required changes to the database
22 Nov 08
Fixed a bug in decoding the Office 2007 version numbers (snoop.vb)
Record additional Network adapters to accommodate Hyper-V(snoop.vb)
Added yet another CPU detection routine
More accurately detects physical and logical CPUs
28 Jul 08
Easier configuration of CommandTimeout value (database.vb, BackupSOSOS\main.vb)
Tweak to GetRegistry to also try the 64-bit virtualized registry (snoop.vb)
Fixed a bug in ConfigXML where you only have one entry in an array (ConfigXML.vb)
Updates to GetSofware to use 32-bit registry for Office (snoop.vb)
Additional CPU detection (MiscFunctions.vb)
14 Feb 08
Added a new CPU detection routine for Via C7 processor
Changed AntiVirus routine to detect Symantec Endpoint Security v11
All *.sln and *.vbproj files have been converted to Visual Studio 2008
8 Dec 07
New "Compiling Walk Through" section of the documentation
Additional improvements to the polling system, accepts a poll wait time of 0 (to mean wait forever)
Fixed a bug when returning more than 1000 Active Directory objects
Added a "My.Settings" class for the .Net Framework v1.1 programs which allows cleaner v2.0 code that still maintains backward compatibility
Multiple minor bug fixes and tweaks
29 Oct 07
Added a configuration option that will eliminate the encryption of the database Connection String (useful for small organizations that don't need that scale of complexity in order to maintain security)
Multiple improvements to the polling system, which includes a new behavior for the PollTimeout. Threads that exceed the timeout value are now forcibly terminated rather than just abandoned.
Multiple minor bug fixes
12 Sep 07
Added ability to use file-based wildcards in FileInfo (snoop.vb)
18 Jun 07
Major upgrade to support Windows Vista and 64-bit OS versions
Separate "build configuration" for WinXP and WinVista
Includes a version of SOSOS targeted for .Net Framework v1.1
See Database Changes for required changes to the database
5 Feb 07
(interim release)
Many changes for Windows Vista compatibility (Accounts, Profiles, QFE, Tasks)
Supports IPv6
Many other minor tweaks
3 Jul 06
Added a compile-time option to include the system drive letter in the ID field (to detect multi-boot PCs with the same PC name)
Added PC_JoinedDomain column to record when a PC was first joined to the Domain (for use in organizations who "clone" PCs from a master image)
Added new EventLogSettings table to help in gathering statistics for formulating the optimum audit setting for Event Logs
Many cosmetic changes
See Database Changes for required changes to the database
21 Jun 06
Initial Beta Release
Now requires version 2.0 of the Dot Net Framework

Database Changes

The database for version 3.x is not compatible with the 2.x database. User of previous versions should consider a side-by-side migration to the new database.

Required database changes
5 Jul 09
The following changes are required from the v3.1.0 release

Add a column to the Devices table:
   Alter table Devices add Device_PnPDeviceID nvarchar(150) null

Add a column to the Services table:
   Alter table Services add Service_AcctName nvarchar(100) null
18 Jun 07
The following changes are required from the v3.0.0 release

Add a column to the Email table:
  Alter table Email add Email_ExchangeServer nvarchar(100) null

Add a column to the PC table:
  Alter table PC add PC_SystemType nvarchar(50) null

Add a column to the Devices table:
  Alter table Devices add Device_Status nvarchar(50) null
3 Jul 06
The following changes required from the v.0.9.9 Beta Release:

Add a column to the PC table:
   Alter table PC add PC_JoinedDomain datetime null

Add a new EventLogSettings table:
  CREATE TABLE EventLogSettings(
      ID_EventSettings nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,
      EventSettings_Logfile nvarchar(100) NOT NULL,
      EventSettings_CurrentSize int NULL DEFAULT ((0)),
      EventSettings_MaxSize int NULL DEFAULT ((0)),
      EventSettings_Retention int NULL DEFAULT ((0)),
      EventSettings_NumEntries int NULL DEFAULT ((0)),
      EventSettings_OldestEntry datetime NULL,
         ID_EventSettings ASC,
         EventSettings_Logfile ASC
     ) ON [PRIMARY]

Add the foreign key constraints for the new table:
  [FK_EventLogSettings_SOS FOREIGN KEY(ID_EventSettings)
21 Jun 06
Initial Beta Release
The base for database changes